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TokenCollectionMarketplaceVolume usd
Bored Ape Yacht Club #6151 Bored Ape Yacht Club$145924
CryptoPunk 9285 CryptoPunksCryptoPunks$138376
CryptoPunk 9285 CryptoPunksCryptoPunks$135349
CryptoPunk 5363 CryptoPunksCryptoPunks$114194
Azuki #3889 AzukiX2Y2$110049
Bored Ape Yacht Club #9601 Bored Ape Yacht ClubOpenSea$100667
CryptoPunk 6326 CryptoPunksCryptoPunks$94757.2
CryptoPunk 2976 CryptoPunksCryptoPunks$90620.9
Bored Ape Yacht Club #3601 Bored Ape Yacht Club$88770.2
CryptoPunk 3440 CryptoPunksCryptoPunks$88699.3
CryptoPunk 6362 CryptoPunksCryptoPunks$85390.2
Bored Ape Yacht Club #9601 Bored Ape Yacht Club$84142.1
CryptoPunk 9691 CryptoPunksCryptoPunks$82120.4
Bored Ape Yacht Club #5144 Bored Ape Yacht ClubX2Y2$81960.4
CloneX #7368 CloneXOpenSea$60801.5
Backstage Pass Backstage PassMagic Eden$53925.3
RarePass #168 RarePassOpenSea$46661.3
Moonbirds #875 MoonbirdsOpenSea$43169
Moonbirds Oddities #875 Moonbirds OdditiesOpenSea$43169
RarePass #144 RarePassOpenSea$38912.9
Dvision Land Mystery Box Dvision Land Mystery BoxMagic Eden$36931.3
Azuki #4096 AzukiOpenSea$36468.7
Fontana #139 Art BlocksOpenSea$35663.2
Gazers #478 Art BlocksOpenSea$34305.9
Archetype #211 Art BlocksOpenSea$34060.2
Wassies by Wassies #4451 Wassies by WassiesOpenSea$31107.5
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #28915 Mutant Ape Yacht ClubOpenSea$30485.4
Azuki #7872 AzukiOpenSea$30400.7
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #640 Mutant Ape Yacht Club$25738.5
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #8853 Mutant Ape Yacht ClubLooksRare$23952.8
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #29592 Mutant Ape Yacht ClubOpenSea$23330.7
Meebits #2149 MeebitsX2Y2$23320.3
Azuki #6142 AzukiOpenSea$23315.1
Moonbirds #8482 Moonbirds$23304.5
Fontana #370 Art BlocksOpenSea$21877.6
Otherdeed #99323 Otherdeed$20794.1
Azuki #6136 AzukiOpenSea$20702.1
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #20286 Mutant Ape Yacht ClubOpenSea$20219.9
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #26468 Mutant Ape Yacht ClubOpenSea$20095.5
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #15232 Mutant Ape Yacht ClubOpenSea$20064.4
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #1221 Mutant Ape Yacht ClubOpenSea$19862.2
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #26642 Mutant Ape Yacht ClubOpenSea$19831.1
MurakamiFlowers #1708 MurakamiFlowers$19456.5
Beanz #18296 Beanz$19420.4
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #18985 Mutant Ape Yacht Club$18848.5
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #15002 Mutant Ape Yacht ClubLooksRare$18673.7
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #8023 Mutant Ape Yacht Club$17997.2
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #671 Mutant Ape Yacht Club$17983.3
Ethereum Name Service #40022...093 Ethereum Name ServiceOpenSea$17802.9
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #26642 Mutant Ape Yacht ClubOpenSea$17607.8
CLONE X MINT VIAL 🧪 RTFKT CloneX MintvialOpenSea$17595
MurakamiFlowers #1746 MurakamiFlowers$17024.4
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #8492 Mutant Ape Yacht ClubOpenSea$16963.6
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #18192 Mutant Ape Yacht ClubX2Y2$16960.5
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #12130 Mutant Ape Yacht Club$16572.1
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #1944 Mutant Ape Yacht Club$16572.1
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #15840 Mutant Ape Yacht ClubOpenSea$16562.3
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #23018 Mutant Ape Yacht ClubOpenSea$16562.3
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #13620 Mutant Ape Yacht Club$16559.1
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #6819 Mutant Ape Yacht Club$16416.4
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #26096 Mutant Ape Yacht Club$16313.1
CloneX #17320 CloneXOpenSea$16225.1
CloneX #3451 CloneXOpenSea$16140
CloneX #12942 CloneXOpenSea$16020.4
Otherdeed #93005 Otherdeed$15808.4
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #21706 Mutant Ape Yacht Club$15796.2
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #11614 Mutant Ape Yacht Club$15686.8
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #16766 Mutant Ape Yacht Club$15686.8
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #5738 Mutant Ape Yacht Club$15686.8
Otherdeed #59220 OtherdeedOpenSea$15647.1
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #24212 Mutant Ape Yacht Club$15626
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #4676 Mutant Ape Yacht Club$15565.2
Azuki #4704 Azuki$15536.3
Bored Ape Kennel Club #4668 Bored Ape Kennel ClubOpenSea$15536.3
ENS Maxis #6387 ENS Maxis$15536.3
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #15616 Mutant Ape Yacht Club$15492.2
Chromie Squiggle #8067 Art BlocksOpenSea$15465.9
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #24212 Mutant Ape Yacht Club$15443.6
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #6413 Mutant Ape Yacht Club$15443.6
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #18192 Mutant Ape Yacht Club$15431.4
CloneX #3451 CloneX$15381
EmoHeads #6270 EmoHeadsX2Y2$15378.5
Otherdeed #99049 OtherdeedOpenSea$15353.8
CloneX #6536 CloneXOpenSea$15200.4
CloneX #1503 CloneXOpenSea$15135
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #949 Mutant Ape Yacht ClubX2Y2$15033.8
Azuki #4831 Azuki$14896.4
Moonbirds #3957 MoonbirdsOpenSea$14592.4
Moonbirds Oddities #3957 Moonbirds OdditiesOpenSea$14592.4
CloneX #18637 CloneXOpenSea$14460.9
Otherdeed #82225 OtherdeedOpenSea$14378.1
Azuki #4035 Azuki$14241.6
The Ape Society #asset1lygt3wll2cljls8zqtj8f8gn5kakg8agwuem4t The Ape Society$14200.8

NFTs currently minted

IdTokenDescriptionContract address
57 Dusk #1/15
Amsterdam Central Station, viewed from the sky. A complementary piece of my "Reflections" edition, to reward my most loyal collectors. This airdrop is an exclusive pass to future airdrops and more surprises. License: Primary NFT holder is free to use in advertising, display privately and in groups, including virtual galleries, documentaries and essays by holder of the NFT, as long as creator is credited. Provides no rights to create commercial merchandise, commercial distribution, or derivative works. Minted on Manifold.
123 Thoughts In Motion #123
Thoughts in Motion is an invitation to bring awareness to our automatic negative thoughts and to use courage to commit to our authenticity bodily.This collection is Jimena Buena Vida's first animated collection and consists of 555 1/1 pieces, minted on a custom ERC721A contract.
245 NFT Startup Conference 19th Nov. 2022
Thank you for coming to the NFT Startup Conference 19th Nov. 2022
436 Way Out West #436
Way Out West fractionalized into unique digital collectibles. - Director: James W. Horne - Cinematographer: Art Lloyd, Walter Lundin - Editor: Bert Jordan - Produced by: Stan Laurel & Hal Roach - With: Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy T&Cs and utilities can be found on the project's website. [MovieShots](
236 Wishes 2022 #236
25 Button #1
If you have a button, you can't help but press it. Move your improvised mind right now!
9 Paradise
AI art. JPEG 6700 X 9000
6 MMG Christmas#6
Christmas Advent Collection #006
7 Well, enjoy
288 Mount Metamore Teddy #288
Mount Metamore: Restoring District 33. A Secret Society cloned the original founders of Mount Metamore to help save District 33 from Rug Pulls, Scams and Down Right Thievery. By purchasing a Founder you will join the Secret Society and help restore the Metaverse.
235 Wishes 2022 #235
7 Pastime paradise
Sweet sweet nostalgia helps to hide in past as much as I want. We either hide or seek. Celestial devices are always incomplete
23 Knight : Victory
Everything is under my feet You are in a higher sky than me.
6 Chameleon
The word chameleon derives from the Greek “Khamaileon” and means “the lion that drags it on the ground”. In many cultures the chameleon is the messenger of the gods and guides the souls in the realm of the dead.
111 TCDAO OWL #111
165 Radbro #165
Radbros on chain. Just tell 'em to check the chain.
41 SpaceShip#41
Spaceship is one of the flying devices in MGlAND Metaverse , it can be combined with Avatar NFT freely. After joining MGLAND, Avatar NFT can ride Spaceship NFT, get a unique display and acceleration privileges.
116 #116
5000 Stressed Dads on a money making mission.
10 Christmas Hat #10
6 CryptoTitDicks #6
6969 tits and dicks living on the blockchain
95 #92 100 NFTs 100 days
Sumeria is an ancient being of wisdom controlling the whims of change and chaos through portals of energy she has evolved over the eons into her physical self. To look upon her is to question whether there was more to mundane life than meets the eye. Whether there was a proven path to enlightenment, unity, heightened consciousness, higher purpose, or our Higher Self? this NFT enables you through art to open your heart and mind to a new spiritual paradigm that encompasses the most important purpose of your existence. If you choose to be inspired to embody your Higher Self exists right now, experience the positive ripple effect of your ascension journey and connect with one's higher self in service to all of humanity and the entire planet. As spiritual beings, we are all creators; we just need to tap into that divine place within ourselves that inspires us. When you know yourself and what you desire, you will be creative too. You will be compelled to do whatever it will take to accomplish your goal. You won't ask how; you will just do it.
25 Black Holes #29
A concrete structure that is part of the Dutch defensive line in the middle of a forest. 3600x5400 pixels Rhenen, The Netherlands, 2018 | Fine Art NFT edition 1/1
9 Christmas Hat #9
234 Wishes 2022 #234
244 NFT Startup Conference 19th Nov. 2022
Thank you for coming to the NFT Startup Conference 19th Nov. 2022
162 Radbro #162
Radbros on chain. Just tell 'em to check the chain.
296 Cosmic Cat Mutation #296
Captain Meow has tasked the entire Cosmic Cat fleet to investigate all the new species that have been discovered in their travels! They have set their focus onto Alien Frens, Fishy Fam & Deadfellaz. The Cosmic engineers have been working tirelessly on a mutation method to combine Cosmic Cat DNA with those other 3 species.
145 CNPES HappyNewYear 2023
Reveal on January 1
230 NFT Startup Conference 19th Nov. 2022
Thank you for coming to the NFT Startup Conference 19th Nov. 2022
118 Aspectro #118
Staxe Genesis Collection #118
6 Acatraz
141 Radbro #141
Radbros on chain. Just tell 'em to check the chain.
16 Black Holes #18
Fort de Suzac stands on a cliff where the Garonne and Dordogne rivers merge and flow into the Atlantic. The bunkers built here are relatively untouched by time passing by. 3600x5400 pixels Saint-Georges-de-Didonne, France, 2017 | Fine Art NFT edition 1/1
228 Degen and Frens #228
Events - Gallery - Cafe
214 Alumni #214
Metaverse HQ is an exclusive token gated community comprised of the most prolific NFT investors, builders, and creators in the Web3 space. The MVHQ Soulbound Token will act as your access pass to MVHQ throughout the end of 2022 for whales/members who burn/mint the 2023 MVHQ token during their respective mint windows. In 2023 and onward it will act as a memento for all the amazing individuals who have taken part in MVHQ’s journey throughout 2021 & 2022 and access to our alumni network. Soulbound tokens are tokens that cannot be bought, sold, or transferred. They are designed to form a permanent part of your digital identity through ownership in your wallet. See https: // for more details.
465 Unknown Wolf
A twisted experiment manifests creatures that were meant to stay a fairytale...
106 Unknown Doll
Beware the toys that were used as a vessel for evil...
60 MERRY X'mas from SANTY KITSUNE #20/40
Season’s Greetings– May love and laughter fill your life at Christmas and throughout the New Year.
73 Daily Cargo #73
Go to every day to upgrade your cargo, maintain your streak and win rewards.
10 Dawnbringer
Dawnbringer crystals are often formed in the morning, after a peaceful night has ended.
114 AMS#4 Westerkerk
Westerkerk The fourth slice in this collection is one of the oldest structures in Amsterdam. The Westerkerk was built between 1621 and 1630 in a renaissance style. The church is located in the Jordaan, which is one of my favorite places to visit when going into the city. I wanted to create an imposing image of the church, an image with a lot of contrasting features. During the day this would have been very difficult, but seeing as how the church is lit up during the night and this creates a contrasting divide against the darker backdrop, I figured this would be the best way. The moon was particularly bright that evening, so I had to use an ND filter to create this shot. Something I hardly ever do when doing long-exposure photography. During that evening it was actually pretty busy on the streets, but the canals themselves were pretty much cleared from boats going up and down. This made for the ultra-smooth water in this shot. It adds to the peaceful vibe and calmness in this shot. It's in the middle of the capital and yet it looks so serene. As if the city is sleeping. Creator: Vizualsbynick Code: AMS#4 Artwork: Westerkerk Collection: Slices of Amsterdam This photo was taken on September 12th, 2021. Westerkerk; an edition by Nick van Eijk LICENCING: The Edition NFT Holder is free to use this image for displaying privately in non-commercial settings. Where displayed on social media, in virtual galleries, and in virtual rooms the creator, Nick van Eijk, should be credited. The Copyright remains with the creator, Nick van Eijk
8 The Frame - National Day Edition
Dubai Frame is one of the most Iconic structure in Dubai, giving you a spectacular view of the old and new Dubai from its viewing deck at the top. The art featuring “Dubai Frame” with the UAE national flag is created seamlessly using the text "I ♥ DUBAI". I recommend viewing the art in detail using the below link: This art is created using a combination of the full moon desert night and the iconic Dubai Frame, as a representation of the natural and man-made beauty of the city of Dubai. The collector will also receive a high-quality image sent directly, suitable for the physical production of the art. Art Dimension: 24X16 Inches Image Resolution: 300 DPI
225 NFT Startup Conference 19th Nov. 2022
Thank you for coming to the NFT Startup Conference 19th Nov. 2022
137 CNPES HappyNewYear 2023
Reveal on January 1
84 GXG #84
Genyu X Genyu is a collection of 333 generated 1/1s, specially curated & altered for Degen usage
302 X2E-HEROES Infinity Super Beginner
合格おめでとうございます! これで君もヒーローの一員だ!。 今後は君が超初心者を助ける番だぞ!
12 Another Gate_#013
Human life often takes place instinctively in a space with a "room" structure. This is probably because they want to be protected, they like to gather, and they also like to decorate. This behavior is the same in virtual space. The space you want to be protected from the rest of the world, the space to meet people, the space to decorate... This idea of human instinctive space creation is expressed surrealistically. We have a surreal experience that we do not feel in the real world in digital space. In the era of Simulacion, where metaphysics that distinguishes reality from virtual has disappeared, the virtual image of this work is meaningless to distinguish and draw a line on what is real and virtual, ending the reality and virtualization of this traditional perspective and presenting new possibilities of the virtual world.
Microdosing pixels to survive the downfall. 🟥🟩🟦💀 by marubu | December 2022
187 Wishes 2022 #187
139 #1
A hidden portal lies behind the power of each token. Accesible by ownership. Guarding these tokens carefully would be the wisest thing to do.
82 GXG #82
Genyu X Genyu is a collection of 333 generated 1/1s, specially curated & altered for Degen usage
7 Playful King
The king loves density, cubic shape and exclusively TUNGPHONE with operating system Green69OS
224 NFT Startup Conference 19th Nov. 2022
Thank you for coming to the NFT Startup Conference 19th Nov. 2022
117 50ΞTH #117
Staxe Genesis Collection #117
MONTECARLO UNICORN CLUB è una collezione di 10.000 unicorni NFT rilasciata su Blockchain Ethereum. Ogni NFT è un oggetto da collezione unico che ti da accesso al club e ai servizi riservati ai membri. Il primo vantaggio è l’accesso a UNICORN CLUB FX, un sistema di trading completamente automatico che opera nel mercato del Forex. Futuri vantaggi verranno resi disponibili ai membri del club con lo sviluppo della Roadmap.
7 Bonnie
Why? What you mean, 'Why?' Because you're different, that's why. You know, you're like me. You want different things. You got somethin' better than bein' a waitress. ------------------------------ 3000x3750 300dpi ------------------------------ Any person who collected 3 or more tokens will have access to a raffle to win one of my 1/1 dropped to his/her wallet !
27 Pilot #26/100
45 #45
The official members of Paloma City, featuring illustrations by Ree Artworks.
185 Wishes 2022 #185
7 Fossilised Dewdrop
Ancient beasts roamed the lands and left behind relics of their era, forever fossilised in these rare crystals.
This is district located on the outskirts of a large city. People who have abandoned cyber implants and flying cars live here, you can say that this area is stuck in the past, but is it really so?
413 FluffyHUGS
Fluffy HUGS is about living your life as you would like to live it, with your favorite friends, always in a natural way. Through this artwork, a community will be created to connect with your special fluffy friends with the emotion of "LOVE!" = "HUG!" What fluffy stories will you create with your friends?
103 #103
5000 Stressed Dads on a money making mission.
85 CHIPPY#85
OHNIM의 세계로 인도할 아바타, 치피 OHNIM에게 다가가는 여정에 있어 OHNIM의 동반자인 치피가 길잡이 역할을 해 줄 것입니다. OHNIM의 진짜 모습, 그리고 그의 감정들을 가장 잘 이해하고 보아온 치피는 우리에게 다양한 OHNIM의 모습을 보여줍니다.
181 Wishes 2022 #181
54 legoleecm.voice
The Custom Voice Essence was created by fusing an IRL voice with a Voice Serum to immortalize a voice on-chain forever.
17 c06543 (Adam Back)
c06543 is an NFT of the Monochromes collection by Laurent Benichou. The SHA-256 hash of this monochrome starts with its color code: c06543. Why c06543? It is the beginning of the SHA-256 hash of 'Adam Back'
20 CenturIon…
195 Wonderful Women #195
With this AvatArt Studios "Wonderful Women" collection we intend to recognize and reflect human differences across sex, age, and ethnicity. Our purpose is to celebrate diversity, promote tolerance, and increase inclusion.
116 SCRAWL #116
420 SCRAWL pieces by pixelwank x Circolors. Traits generated on chain & metadata, images mirrored on chain permanently.
222 NFT Startup Conference 19th Nov. 2022
Thank you for coming to the NFT Startup Conference 19th Nov. 2022
308 Shapes #308
Shapes 2048 by makio135 & clemsos
79 333 Club Pass #79
This NFT is your lifetime membership to ZenAcademy's 333 Club.
111 #1
A hidden portal lies behind the power of each token. Accesible by ownership. Guarding these tokens carefully would be the wisest thing to do.
66 #1
Alientoads is a magical collection of 333 unique collectibles that exists on the Ethereum blockchain. Commercial rights belongs to the owners. Spread love everywhere you go.
27 0027
EZ.KEY holders represent the earliest Easy wallet adopters and first members of the Easy community. 1,111 pioneers who helped unlock a safer and easier future for web3. The longer you are an EZ.KEY holder, the more opportunities you have to unlock exclusive drops, adventures, and future surprises with Easy. Follow us on Twitter @TheEasyCoHQ to stay up to date.
180 Wishes 2022 #180
113 Doglins Official
10 Lost in the Colour
A huge step for artist kind.
112 Doglins Official
52 #52
14 Blob #0015
A collection of 1414 seamless video blob NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. Created by [14islands]( - a creative design and development studio.
178 Wishes 2022 #178
110 #1
A hidden portal lies behind the power of each token. Accesible by ownership. Guarding these tokens carefully would be the wisest thing to do.
72 OXO Medusa NFT
OXO Medusa is a collection of 5999 NFTs bridging the digital & physical worlds with COG metaverse and raffles, 3x3 token launch & exclusive real estate and luxury items.
117 Radbro #117
Radbros on chain. Just tell 'em to check the chain.
160 ShitDog #160
ShitArmy is a SHIT DAO community, ShitDog is ShitArmy Genesis NFT.
308 TheHobbitLegend
Which Hobbit Legend will you get?
49 Preserved Golf Course
This piece represents the last golf course, preserved inside a museum. Climate change has made it unsustainable to maintain them, as water becomes scarce and the high temperatures burn the grass. The scorching sun makes it unbearable to play for golfers. The remnants of Golf.
10 Unlimited Power
Your power is infinite. You just have to find the key to release it.
115 SCRAWL #115
420 SCRAWL pieces by pixelwank x Circolors. Traits generated on chain & metadata, images mirrored on chain permanently.
8 The Sleeping Beauty #007
I believe that equal knowledge and information is the key to peace.
22 Rock Forever 🤘
Rock music holds a special place in my heart. When I get 13 or 14 years old, I get crazy with rock music, like, like, deeply crazy. And one of my favorite bands at that moment was, for example, like - bands like Nightwish or Scorpions, Pink Floyd, Axel Rudi Pell and Volbeat, you know?
171 Palmcross
Palmcross : The Yellow city of Prophecy The token is made using Midjourney by ideartist.eth. 90% sales generated will be used to support back the token holder.
174 Wishes 2022 #174

NFT coins

Decentraland manaethereum$0.40680.45445%
Theta Network theta$0.95212.23684%
Enjin Coin enjethereum$0.3106-0.46057%
Origin Protocol ognethereum$0.10660.36223% fetethereum$0.0637-0.1725%
Handshake hns$0.02115.32521%
Phantasma soulethereum$0.15212.30094%
COCOS BCX cocosethereum$0.5886-2.55845%
Mobox mboxbinance-smart-chain$0.47490.60059%
Smooth Love Potion slpethereum$0.00261.54975%
ApeCoin apeethereum$3.9600-2.37523%
RMRK rmrkkusama$2.1200-0.98243%
My Neighbor Alice aliceethereum$1.32003.51103%
WAX waxp$0.06265.93857%
The Sandbox sandethereum$0.58620.80497%
ApeCoin apeethereum$3.9600-2.37523%
Audius audioethereum$0.15900.43025%
Render Token rndrethereum$0.48600.31329%
Gala galaethereum$0.0257-4.19633%
Spore sporeavalanche$0.0000-2.70238%
ApeCoin apeethereum$3.9600-2.37523%
vEmpire DDAO vempethereum$0.01961.13535%
Axie Infinity axsethereum$6.94000.57599%
Gods Unchained godsethereum$0.2363-1.9307%
Pastel psl$0.00064.07146%
Chiliz chzethereum$0.1640-1.30581%
SuperRare rareethereum$0.131410.7965%
Ethereum Name Service ensethereum$14.06001.51248%
Ultra uosethereum$0.2128-1.3925%
Polkacity polcethereum$0.02389.11657%
Alien Worlds tlmethereum$0.01601.70895%
Flow flow$1.1300-0.10408%
Charged Particles ionxethereum$0.0310-9.78434%
Yield Guild Games yggethereum$0.22622.46225%
Illuvium ilvethereum$41.99001.53716%
Unicly unicethereum$4.8200-0.96598%
Contentos cosbinancecoin$0.0052-3.04653%
BLOCKv veeethereum$0.0027-3.49482%
Splinterlands spsbinance-smart-chain$0.03891.38422%
Vulcan Forged pyrethereum$3.28002.65207%
Altura alubinance-smart-chain$0.00993.62193%
Ovr ovrethereum$0.42111.76197%
SuperFarm superethereum$0.1069-3.29295%
BakerySwap bakebinance-smart-chain$0.19481.99252%
Aavegotchi ghstethereum$1.06100.58654%
StarLink starlethereum$0.00000.99474%
ECOMI omigochain$0.00107.18156%
DMarket dmtethereum$0.0076-0.3364%
Mogul Productions starsethereum$0.00390.08042%
RedFOX Labs rfoxethereum$0.0055-2.76759%
GameCredits gameethereum$0.0119-1.22189%
GET Protocol getethereum$0.59992.20992%
MicroPets petsbinance-smart-chain$0.0000-1.00551%
PolyDoge polydogepolygon-pos$0.00003.97624%
DEAPCOIN depethereum$0.00360.58494% zoneethereum$0.0316-4.75429%
Ethernity Chain ernethereum$2.080011.1663%
Dego Finance degoethereum$2.340025.6369%
VIBE vibeethereum$0.00164.68851%
Boson Protocol bosonethereum$0.255514.3579%
DeRace dercethereum$0.12933.82208%
Unisocks socksethereum$24613.0000-3.1878%
Centric Swap cnsbinance-smart-chain$0.0000-2.61432%
Aurory aurysolana$0.4745-1.78158%
Crabada craavalanche$0.0076-2.97939%
Chain Guardians cggethereum$0.06955.79915%
Fear fearethereum$0.07932.86532%
Rarible rariethereum$2.1600-0.26005%
Somnium Space CUBEs cubeethereum$0.7719-1.01308%
Unicly Fewocious Collection ufewoethereum$0.0085-0.3419%
Opulous opulethereum$0.05753.74297%
REVV revvethereum$0.01391.55532%
Etherland elandethereum$0.0054-9.81233%
XMON xmonethereum$16598.4800-6.79448%
Cake Monster monstabinance-smart-chain$0.0014-3.52469%
The Crypto Prophecies tcpethereum$0.00520.31882%
Realm realmethereum$0.0101-0.7781%
Binamon bmonbinance-smart-chain$0.00951.61402%
Circuits of Value covalethereum$0.0101-0.68144%
Celestial celtokex-chain$0.0023-1.65148%
Items arteethereum$1.43000.58461%
SuperBid superbidethereum$0.033155.6036%
Atari atriethereum$0.0026-1.08803%
DeFi Yield Protocol dypethereum$0.19731.15985%
FaraLand farabinance-smart-chain$0.0362-0.83954%
VEED veedvechain$0.0012-2.30551%
VideoCoin videthereum$0.01938.09864%
My DeFi Pet dpetbinance-smart-chain$0.0565-5.5272%
Unifty nifethereum$0.0125%
IOI Token ioiethereum$0.0897-1.19301%
DomRaider drtethereum$0.0001-2.15165%
Monsta Infinite monibinance-smart-chain$0.02386.72685%
Exeedme xedethereum$0.03982.06232%
Decentral Games dgethereum$0.03123.24786%
K21 k21ethereum$0.1347-0.7398%
NFTb nftbbinance-smart-chain$0.0082-0.2339%
Phantasma Energy kcalethereum$0.0103-1.65616%
Blockchain Monster Hunt bcmcethereum$0.00801.91721%
Revomon revoethereum$0.0407-3.17259%
GamerCoin ghxethereum$0.00992.89985%
Tower towerethereum$0.0035-2.5555%
BSC Station bscsbinance-smart-chain$0.0094-1.54494%
Bondly bondlyethereum$0.0063-0.78913%
WHALE whaleethereum$0.8536-0.26339%
Metaverse Index mviethereum$19.5200-0.63787%
Curate xcurethereum$0.04315.05834%
CryptoZoon zoonbinance-smart-chain$0.0006-24.0347%
The Doge NFT dogethereum$0.0007-1.27482%
AnRKey X $anrxethereum$0.0014-5.8326%
Seascape Crowns cwsethereum$0.2491-5.31826%
Crypto Cavemen cavesolana$0.12283.25118%
Chronicle xnlethereum$0.01804.53217%
UniLayer layerethereum$0.05190.16572%
Gameswap gswapethereum$0.30275.50321%
Radio Caca racabinance-smart-chain$0.00020.98511%
MIM mimsolana$0.00000.63593%
Refinable finebinance-smart-chain$0.00495.81003%
Ethereans osethereum$4.93003.72123%
MARS4 mars4ethereum$0.0007-2.0606%
SignatureChain signwaves$0.000234.7077%
Polker pkrethereum$0.0034-0.89674%
Must mustethereum$10.21001.46078%
Rainicorn rainiethereum$0.0100-0.39814%
Treasure Under Sea tusavalanche$0.00016.80974%
Banana bananaethereum$0.3193-5.81748%
NFTX nftxethereum$15.5900-3.60114%
Muse museethereum$6.9800-1.53153%
Defi Warrior fiwabinance-smart-chain$0.0001-4.50723%
Niftyx Protocol shroomethereum$0.04232.4472%
Snook snkpolygon-pos$0.02191.0967%
MoonieNFT mnyethereum$0.0001-2.3821%
Kawaii Islands kwtbinance-smart-chain$0.0009-0.06228%
NFT Protocol nftethereum$0.01782.36834%
AntiMatter matterethereum$0.0557-3.65059%
DinoX dnxcethereum$0.0129-0.65744%
NFT Art Finance nftartbinance-smart-chain$0.0000-10.6434%
DexKit kitethereum$0.1817-7.60759%
MCH Coin mchcethereum$0.1626-1.76732%
Monavale monaethereum$453.4200-2.42905%
Nifty League nftlethereum$0.00080.13778%
Avaxtars avxtavalanche$0.00032.62566%
Paint Swap brushfantom$0.00854.36676%
Universe.XYZ xyzethereum$0.00290.52101%
Sync Network syncethereum$0.00691.26928%
BlackPool Token bptethereum$0.3031-5.08318%
Vidya vidyaethereum$0.10533.36506%
Decentral Games ICE icepolygon-pos$0.00492.56465%
Portion prtethereum$0.0013107.143%
Cat Token catethereum$0.109911.3059%
Spheroid Universe sphethereum$0.0080-0.31563%
Carbon crbnethereum$0.01703.67349%
Gourmet Galaxy gumethereum$0.01800.34632%
The HUSL huslethereum$0.0188-2.06007%
ETNA Network etnabinance-smart-chain$0.0125-8.34673%
Jenny Metaverse DAO Token uJENNYethereum$0.1499-4.78399%
DFSocial Gaming dfsgbinance-smart-chain$0.0018%
The Corgi of PolkaBridge corgibbinance-smart-chain$0.00000.19273%
Battle Pets petbinance-smart-chain$0.04800.1049%
Etherrock #72 pebbleethereum$0.000011.4911%
Rage.Fan rageethereum$0.0013-5.18081%
Uniqly uniqethereum$0.08361.4425%
Blockchain Cuties Universe Governance bcugethereum$0.0677-23.7274%
Museum of Crypto Art mocapolygon-pos$0.19290.63081%
UREEQA urqaethereum$0.01571.48896%
Alpaca City alpaethereum$0.0203-4.78686%
ARC Governance arcxethereum$0.07411.17225%
DefiVille Island islaethereum$0.094417.7529%
Font fontethereum$0.12283.4077%
Blind Boxes blesethereum$0.0045-2.58262%
Feisty Doge NFT nfdethereum$0.00005.25612%
MurAll paintethereum$0.00000.16012%
Metaverse NFT Index PLAYethereum$0.3904-2.16089%
Playcent pcntethereum$0.0049-0.75692%
MegaCryptoPolis megaethereum$3.60003.09053%
Rare rareethereum$0.033114.1715%
Mochi Market momaethereum$0.00213.23346%
DoYourTip dytethereum$0.03141.45036%
DigiCol Token dgclethereum$0.0001%
TreatDAO treatbinance-smart-chain$1.1300%
PolkaDomain nameethereum$0.0411-5.57047%
GamyFi Token gfxethereum$0.0382-0.25703%
Unique One rareethereum$0.0155-3.37715%
Coin Artist coinethereum$0.0506%
Butterfly Protocol bflyethereum$0.017219.6322%
SEEN seenethereum$0.4334%
Eight Hours ehrtvechain$0.0000%
CHADS VC chadsethereum$0.0069%
Doki Doki dokiethereum$1.9600%
NFT Platform Index NFTPethereum$9.08005.74614%
Name Change Token nctethereum$0.0014%
SAKE sak3ethereum$1162.01002.32814%
Crusaders of Crypto crusaderbinance-smart-chain$0.0000%
TopBidder bidethereum$0.1727-5.21197%
Machi X mcxethereum$0.0007%
Waifu Token waifethereum$0.0001%
Binapet bpetbinance-smart-chain$0.0011-0.19086%
Twinci twinbinance-smart-chain$0.0317-2.24193%
srnArtGallery sactbinance-smart-chain$0.0150-1.34877%
Unicly CryptoPunks Collection upunkethereum$0.02000.16188%
aiRight airibinance-smart-chain$0.0007-0.84395%
Chonk chonkethereum$1.0820-6.29862%
Utopia Genesis Foundation uopethereum$0.0040%
NFTmall gembinance-smart-chain$0.0138-1.53307%
Toshimon toshiethereum$2.4600%
Azuki azukiethereum$0.0073-4.54526%
Wrapped Virgin Gen-0 CryptoKittties wvg0ethereum$111.40000.04255%
SOTA Finance sotaethereum$0.0008%
Unicly Mystic Axies Collection uaxieethereum$0.1187%
Zero Utility Token zutethereum$35.98005.17465%
Dark Matter dmtethereum$6.92001.59385%
Pepedex ppdexethereum$0.0783%
B20 b20ethereum$0.11786.02643%
Soltato FRIES friessolana$0.0007-0.24521%
NFT Alley alleybinance-smart-chain$0.0061%
Gem Exchange And Trading gxtethereum$0.00115.38722%
DeFi of Thrones dotxethereum$0.0187-0.69552%
UniqueOne Photo fotoethereum$0.0004%
Node Runners ndrethereum$4.25001.66469%
FM Gallery fmgethereum$0.0005%
Ethverse ethvethereum$0.0005-0.11466%
Rope $ropeethereum$1.0620%
Crypto Kombat kombatethereum$3.3400-0.74716%
Wrapped Gen-0 CryptoKitties wg0ethereum$89.24002.5991%
Unicly Aavegotchi Astronauts Collection ugotchiethereum$0.3694%
Fusible fusiibinance-smart-chain$0.0272%
Wrapped CryptoKitties wckethereum$1.96002.22044%
Unicly Doki Doki Collection udokiethereum$0.0001%
Unicly Genesis Collection uuniclyethereum$0.0163%
CryptoBlades skillbinance-smart-chain$1.27005.88724%
SpaceCowBoy scbbinance-smart-chain$1.2100%